Free Hate Crime Awareness in the Community Resource Pack Webinar

Event Date: 28 April 2020

A webinar to introduce the new Hate Crime Awareness Resource Pack produced by Liverpool City Council (LCC).
2pm, 28 April 2020

In these challenging times it is important that people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand, report and get support around hate crime. Sadly there have been incidents of hate related to Covid-19 (both in person and online) and LCC wants to ensure that people who may not always access mainstream information channels, such as people seeking asylum, refugees and other migrants, are supported.

LCC has developed a Hate Crime Awareness Resource Pack, which can be used to deliver a session to people who are developing their English skills (in both formal and informal English classes, as well as in community group settings) so that people can understand all they need to know around hate crime.

This webinar will introduce you to the pack and help you to plan ways to deliver it in your setting.

It will be useful for:

  • ESOL teachers
  • Conversation class leads
  • Community workers
  • Anyone working with people that are developing their English
  • People supporting those who could benefit from hate crime awareness

The session will give you a stronger understanding of hate crime, including what it is, what to do if it happens, how people can be supported if they fall victim and how the legislation works.

It will also give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver a Hate Crime Awareness session using the resource pack, helping to arm people with the vocabulary they need and empower them with the knowledge of what to do if an incident occurs.

Register your place, or contact the host, via Eventbrite.

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