May Day Protest and Rally

Event Date: 01 May 2017

Monday 1 May 2017, from 12.30pm – Toxteth Library, Windsor Street, Liverpool, L8 1XF.

Writing on the Wall is calling on communities across Merseyside to join in on a May Day Protest and Rally in Liverpool.

Austerity has hit hard; low pay is endemic, benefit cuts are targeting the most vulnerable, mortgages and rents are rising and homelessness is on the increase. While bosses award themselves obscene pay rises, statutory service are being cut to the bone, city councils across the country are being forced into another round of cutbacks, with Liverpool facing another £80 million worth of cuts to the budget. Working families are forced to into food banks, debt and stifling poverty. Our National Health Service is at breaking point and across the county essential services are sold to private bidders for whom profit and not care is the driving force.

This is all set against the rising rhetoric of racism and xenophobia as politicians, business leaders and their mates in the right wing media turn again to blaming immigrants for the outcome of their own greed. We will not be fooled. We will not be divided. If there was ever a time to stand up and be counted it’s now.

This protest is also a celebration of the publication of the Autobiography of Liverpool writer and activist, George Garrett, who was a defender of the most vulnerable, a proud anti-racist and a key organiser of the hunger marches of the 1920s.

His fight then is our fight now. Bring your banners, your whistles and drums, your kids, your mates and your mum!

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