Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership – Youth Dialogue Briefing

Event Date: 09 November 2020

Youth workers and leaders, join Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) to learn about a new way to give young people a say in the services that impact their lives.

This online briefing will be repeated regularly throughout the month, from 9 November.

Since Covid-19 prompted restrictive social practices, it has become more difficult to provide young people and communities with opportunity to speak directly with those who have the power to make decisions that affect them.

So, it was timely that the Merseyside VRP had already begun creating a site call ‘Dialogue’, which provides young people in Merseyside with a ‘space to think and talk’.

This site is now live and the first topic of conversation will be live between 13-27 November 2020. The intention of this first conversation is to engage young people in dialogue about their perceptions of safety in the area where they live, and the ways in which they would prioritise resources to make them feel safer.

The site will enable the opening of a dialogue, where young people can highlight their concerns, interact with each other young people, and with the VRP, to post solutions/ideas addressing these concerns.

Dialogue is a democratic process, which will enable young people to have a direct influence on the decisions that ultimately affect them.

To get it up and running, and help it reach a point where it becomes meaningful, the VRP is relying on the support of youth and community services to help introduce this opportunity to young residents.

Youth providers, youth leaders and youth workers can also use this site to broker dialogue in the youth groups they manage. The VRP will show you how dialogue works, how to use it to spark discussion and how to record the concerns/ideas that emerge from this discussion.

Head  to the VRP Eventbrite page to register your free place at one of a series of Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership – Youth Dialogue Briefings coming up in November (each briefing is the same so you need only attend one).

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