‘Punch & Judy’ – Burjesta Theatre at The Casa

Event Date: 09 February 2019

‘Punch & Judy’

Thursday 7th, Saturday 9th, Monday 11th
The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool
Tickets: £8 – casatheatre.co.uk

After 7 fruitful years as the resident theatre company at The Casa with 20 productions and 100 shows under our belt it’s time for Burjesta Theatre to leave and head up into the ether…but they have one last show before they go, an adaption of the Punch & Judy story but with actors in place of puppets and strictly for adults only! By turns jaw-dropping, sad and hilarious they bring you spectacle, song, dance, comedy and pathos. they’ve kept all the traditional knockabout, surrealism and slapstick from the original while updating it for the 21st century with a serious look at domestic violence, racism and sexism within our austerity-hit society…and of course they have all the beloved characters that make up a Punch and Judy show….

‘Jack Ketch the Hangman’, ‘Joey the Clown’, ‘Scaramouche’, ‘Crocodile’, ‘Pretty Polly’, ‘Baby’, ‘Doctor’ and a few more that they’ve created themselves.

So come and enjoy a great night of theatre for one last time with Burjesta Theatre at The Casa

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