Restorative Practice Training

Event Date: 20 October 2020

9am – 5pm, 20 October 2020, Partnership for Learning Training Centre, Speke, L24 9PZ

Repeated 22 October

Restorative Practice is a social science that provides a framework to improve and repair relationships between people and communities. The purpose is to build healthy families and communities, increase social capital, repair harm and restore relationships. Restorative Practice is relational-based.

Restorative Practice shares the philosophical roots and methodology of Restorative Justice, a practice commonly employed in criminal justice systems but differs in that it can be adopted to improve the everyday environments of diverse communities and organisations. Restorative Justice is incident-base.

The aim of restorative practices is to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships. This statement identifies both proactive (building relationships and developing community) and reactive (repairing harm and restoring relationships) approaches.

For further information and to book a free place, visit the Early Help Directory.

Should you have any questions about this training, contact details for the trainer can be found by following the above link

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