Roundtable on Brexit and Civil Society

Event Date: 05 December 2019

The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is joining with the People’s Powerhouse to bring a roundtable on Brexit and Civil Society to Liverpool. You are invited to attend this event, which will take place here at the LCVS building. It will focus on what Brexit means for civil society in Liverpool and we want you to come to share your organisation’s perspective.

Thursday 5th December
13:30 to 16:30
151 Dale Street
L2 2AH

The event will bring organisations from across Liverpool’s civil society together to network, share information, hear from selected speakers on the issues facing the sector through Brexit, discuss what happens next and how the sector in Liverpool can respond.

Equally Ours will discuss the future of funding and equality post Brexit.

It is evident that Brexit will have significant impacts on civil society, from questions around the replacement of EU funding that the third sector receives, to the maintenance of fundamental rights, to key legislative changes that will arise as a result of EU withdrawal. This roundtable will be an opportunity to express your thoughts and concerns about the impact of Brexit on civil society.

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About the Brexit Civil Society Alliance:

Established in July 2017 the Alliance has been active in helping to shape and improve Brexit legislation, connect politicians with civil society and help educate, inform and advocate for those who may feel remote from the Brexit process.

We help to give a voice to a wide range of groups in the Brexit process, from across all parts of the UK – connecting Wales, Scotland, Northern and Ireland and England. Organisations and sectors in human rights, the environment, consumer and workers rights, equality, democracy, food, farming, trade and further education are all working together to ensure that rights, standards, environmental protections and devolution are protected as we make our exit from the European Union. Read more about the Alliance and our work here.

We take no position on Brexit itself but seek to raise the concerns of member organisations and push for the best possible policy outcomes for our organisations and wider civil society as we leave the EU.

About the People’s Powerhouse:

The People’s Powerhouse is a movement which exists to shape the debate around the Northern Powerhouse, to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of the Powerhouse plans, not the periphery!

The movement formed in response to the lack of women participating in a conference in Manchester, drawing attention to the lack of diverse opinions and experiences represented in the Northern Powerhouse plans.

Our aim is to include the thoughts and opinions, as well as knowledge and expertise from all sectors of society, with a particular focus on how people are the key to meaningful development!

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