Searching for Polish Stories in Liverpool

Event Date: 31 January 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017, 5.30-7.30pm – Central Library, 4th Floor, Wiliam Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EW.

Organised by Merseyside Polonia, this is the third meeting of this series, during which you can discover more about the Polish history from WWII until now. The third meeting will introduce Eva Szegidewicz from Kresy Family Group. This group was set up in Manchaster to promote, honour and preserve the history and experiences of Polish citizens of all religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds from the Eastern Borderlands of Poland known as Kresy Wschodnie.

This year in April the group will be exhibiting for the second time in Birmingham at “Who Do You Think You Are? Live”, the world’s largest family history show, where they will be helping people to find out more about their Polish ancestors and the journey they made across the world.

During the meeting, Eva will tell us a bit more about the story of the Anders Army and their journey from Russia trough Asia, Africa to England, as well as Polish stories which they have discovered and how they searched for them.

You will then continue on a trip trough the Liverpool Archives to examine the collection. This is a great opportunity to discover the common history and to prove that Polish people are and have been a part of Liverpool’s community for years.

If you know stories about Poles living in Liverpool during the Second World War and after, if you have some souvenirs from that period, you had some Polish relatives, or if you are just interested in history- come and discover Polish past in Liverpool. Entry is free.

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