The pregnancy journey when you are living with HIV

Event Date: 22 April 2021

Hosted by Sahir House | 22 April 2021 and 23 April 2021 | 11am-2pm

This FREE event is for HIV positive women accessing care in Merseyside and the surrounding areas, who are planning a pregnancy, pregnant or have given birth within last 12 months.

It is being delivered in 2 sessions:

1st session Thursday 22 April 11am-2pm
2nd session Friday 23 April 11am – 2pm

For all women, pregnancy can be an anxious time, demanding exploration of all the joys and challenges inherent in the experience. But for women living with HIV, the prospects of pregnancy and parenthood may be particularly daunting. This day seeks to empower HIV-positive women by sharing strategies to deal with the multidimensional issues they may face and to promote women’s reproductive rights.

The workshop will be delivered by Rebecca Mbewe from 4M Net Mentor Mother CIC and will cover:

  • Preconception: basics of transmission, what to consider when planning conception
  • Pregnancy: what happens during pregnancy, BHIVA guidelines on the management of HIV during pregnancy and how to apply these at a personal level
  • Delivery: options available and why each would be suitable for when
  • After Care: for both mother and baby, what to consider after the baby is born and an opportunity to share and learn from other women in a similar situation


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