The Soul in the Machine

Event Date: 15 June 2017

Thursday 15 June 2017, 7.30pm – Our Lady and St Nicholas Church (Parish Church of Liverpool), Old Churchyard, Chapel Street, Liverpool, L2 8TZ.

This performance is about the life of George Williams, founder of YMCA, set in Victorian London. Commissioned by YMCA, created by Saltmine Trust, The Soul in the Machine is a play for anyone who works for a living.

“We are more than bodies to be fed to a machine. We are made for more than work. We have souls, we have spirits and somewhere in this dead city there must be a place for those things”

London, 1844 – Centre of Empire, crucible of New Jerusalem. Her gutters run with effluent and blood and her skies are choked with the smok of a hundred factories and foundries but above the smoke the stars still shine. George Williams is a country boy who comes to London to find his place in the world and make his mark. Appalled by the spirit-crushing rhythms of the Worker’s life he fights to spread the light of God, and create a place where the soul can be nurtured.

Admission free but reservation is necessary. Call Nikki on 0151 600 3530 ext 351, or email

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