Yellow House – International Yellow Day

Event Date: 30 March 2019

Yellow House are asking all of their friends and everyone to wear something Yellow on Saturday 30 March as a sign of solidarity with those members of our community who are suffering.

Yellow House want as many people on board as possible to raise awareness and support for people who suffer from Mental Health Issues. Ask your organisation wherever in the world to join Yellow House to raise awareness.

Yellow House have dedicated Saturday 30 March every year as International Yellow Day – – Vincent Van Gogh suffered most of his life from isolation, loneliness, depression and most certainly some form of mental illness and eventually took his own life.

Yellow House are dealing every day with depression, mental and physical bullying, cyber bullying, Narcolopsey, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, Aspebergers, epilepsy, autism, loneliness and isolation.

If you see anyone wearing Yellow just give them a smile or a nod of friendship and understanding. If you know them, then talk to them and be nice to each other.

Wear something Yellow and send it through to Yellow House via Facebook or other Social Media or e-mail or post – we will collect all photos together and celebrate the day together.

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