Find your Funny: FREE Workshops for Women

Find your Funny workshops are creative, comedy and laughter workshops for women to explore their comedic voice, speak in public, develop their self-confidence and simply be silly in the company other like-minded women.

Finding our funny to tell our stories can sometimes be incredibly powerful, empowering and even healing. The workshops offer you the opportunity to take a break, laugh a lot and tap into your inner comedian in a very supportive and encouraging environment.

So whether you’re interested in getting up on stage or you just need to have a bit of fun, this workshop is for you. No experience necessary!

Here’s what some of their previous participants have had to say:

“I absolutely LOVED today, Claire is incredible and empowering. I felt understood, confident & can’t wait to do more!”

“I took away a massive positive vibe and a sense of pride that I gave it go”

“I will take away growing confidence in my own voice in public speaking and not being afraid to hold people’s attention”

“The session was well paced, each ‘game’ built up proper sneaky like, to getting us to tell a story. Brilliant!”

Visit their website.

To learn more, please contact Claire via claire@femdelafemme.com / 07960 098093.

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