Finding Your Own Voice: Leadership Snapshot Sessions

Finding Your Own Voice is a series of Leadership Learning Snapshots organised by Blackburne House. Starting on Tuesday 16 May 2017, these are two-hour sessions exploring the many different aspects of leadership – and what exactly this means to and for women in the workplace.

The sessions offer an opportunity to explore different aspects of leadership and what that means for women in particular, both current and aspiring leaders.  The sessions are designed to be informal and informative, reflective and thought provoking.

Each session has a different topic but tends to follow the same overall format:

  1. Introductions to the topic and each other
  2. Brief activity / discussion to explore what it means to each of us
  3. Short input from session leaders
  4. Another activity to explore the ideas and their effect on us and our work
  5. Final discussion to establish “So what does that mean for me in practice?”

There is a limited number of spaces available for this series of sessions. If the maximum number is reached, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Register your interest online.

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