Flourishing Families Service – Young Persons Advisory Service (YPAS) MVRP Pilot Programme

YPAS has secured MVRP funding to provide a ‘Whole Family Evidence Based Therapeutic Intervention Service. Entitled Flourishing Families, the 15-month pilot will be delivered during the period of 10/01/23 – 31/03/24, reaching a population of 209 Liverpool families.

Flourishing Families is an early intervention and prevention service aimed at families whose family system consists of children and/or young people aged 5-25 years and are identified as having been exposed to trauma and/or adversity impacted by violence. The targeted service is underpinned by trauma informed evidence based therapeutic approaches.

Families will be triaged for assessment at the point of referral in accordance with eligibility criteria and threshold. Referrals will be received through YPAS’s referral pathways expected to be received from children and adult services across health, education, CAMHS, AMHS, social care and ‘youth justice prevention services.

Due to the short-term nature of the Flourishing Families pilot and to avoid capacity outweighing demand. YPAS will manage the expectations of the service by ensuring referrals are received via cross sector delivery partnerships and eligibility criteria.

As a prevention service, they encourage voluntary community organisations working with families where children have been exposed to trauma and/or adversity to contact them prior to making a referral.

Flourishing Families / MVRP Outcomes:

  1. Improve behaviour management/regulation
  2. Improve social and emotional wellbeing
  3. Reduce vulnerability and victimisation (bullying, criminality, violence)
  4. Prevent perpetration/offending (bullying, criminality, violence, aggression – including siblings and/or parents)
  5. Improve educational engagement (reduce risk of school exclusion)
  6. Improve access to opportunities for employment and training
  7. Enable recovery from trauma and adversity.

To enquire about the Flourishing Families Service, please email: flourishingfamilies@ypas.org.uk.

To access YPAS’s website, please click here.

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