Food donations available to Liverpool charities via Food Drop

Food Drop is a platform that ensures unsold food from the high street doesn’t go to waste. In Liverpool, Food Drop has opportunities for charities to regularly collect surplus food from Pret stores and there is no cost for the service or the food.

The platform launched in London last year and in Liverpool earlier this year. A number of local charities have accessed free food via Food Drop so far and there is still more available every day!

Unity Theatre Liverpool said, “The Unity are receiving generous donations from Pret in Liverpool city centre. We include the tasty treats with our education and food support packs delivered to 50 families with children every week. These support packs are given out twice a week for the duration of school closures. Thanks Pret, you’re amazing!”

So far, Food Drop has worked with both of Liverpool’s Pret stores to redistribute food via local charities. With a third store due to open on Old Hall Street, there will soon be even more surplus available.

To access this food, all you need to do is sign up to the Food Drop website and select your collection time slot.

Sign up to Food Drop.

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