Food Insecurity Task Force to develop Liverpool’s ‘Good Food Plan’

Liverpool’s Food Insecurity Task Force has announced the development of a Good Food Plan, a strategy to create a city ‘where everyone can eat good food’. Local residents and community organisations are invited to take part in research, mapping and listening phase of the project.

The actions outlined in Liverpool’s ‘Good Food Plan’ – to be published July 2021 – will aim to reduce the growing levels of hunger and food insecurity in Liverpool, and to begin to change Liverpool’s food system to create a true ‘Good Food City’.

This will include support for the ‘Right to Food’ campaign, which aims to change the law to make access to food a legal right for all.

The Good Food Plan will deliver part of one of Liverpool City Council’s Pandemic Pledges – Good Food, Warm Home – which were announced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also support Liverpool’s City Plan vision to create a ‘thriving sustainable, fair city for everyone’.

The plan will address key issues including acute hunger, chronic food insecurity, access to and take-up of healthy, nutritious food and the sustainability of food supply in Liverpool, which will link to the wider ‘City Plan’ agenda.

The first stage of Good Food Plan has already been set in motion. It involves listening to local residents, creating food provision maps and bringing together data to understand levels of food insecurity in Liverpool, as well as to set the foundations for future phases of implementation.

Liverpool residents and community organisations are invited to take part in this phase of the project. Visit the Feeding Liverpool website to find out how.

Food Insecurity Task Force

In October 2020, as part of the Liverpool City Council’s Covid Recovery Plan, the Food Insecurity Task Force was formed. It seeks to help the city Build Back Better beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically by developing a sustainable, long-term strategic response to food insecurity in the city.

LCVS is proud to be a member of Liverpool’s Food Insecurity Task Force, alongside the the following organisations:

  • Liverpool City Council, including Public Health and Children’s services
  • Feeding Liverpool
  • Food Active
  • Feedback Global
  • The University of Liverpool
  • The Food Domain
  • St Andrews Community Network
  • Torus Housing Foundation
  • Liverpool Health Partners
  • Arena Partners
  • Nesta
  • People Powered Results
  • FareShare
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