Food Waste Action Week competition for children

Food Waste Action Week is taking place between 1-7 March 2021. To mark the occasion, Southport Eco Centre is launching a competition, in partnership with Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, inviting children to get creative about tackling food waste.

The food we waste accounts for more global greenhouse gas emissions than all the world’s commercial flights. The processes of growing, making, distributing, storing and cooking our food use a massive amount of energy, fuel and water. To put it into perspective; if food waste were a country, that country would have the third biggest carbon footprint (after the USA and China)!

To raise awareness with children and families, Southport Eco Centre is asking you to look at how you could reduce your own food waste, and to come up with some fun recipe ideas that use the leftovers we frequently throw away, or the random tins that so often live in our kitchen cupboards.

The best entries will be adopted as official Eco Recipes and shared with schools and communities across the whole of the Northwest. They will also be included as downloadable recipe cards on partner websites.

The challenge entry form will be available to download from the Southport Eco Centre website from the 1 March.

The competition will run until the 28 March.

Southport Eco Centre is an official learning destination for the Children’s University, so any participation can count towards Children’s University credits.

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