Free business support package to get your workplace physically active

Following the success of a 2016/17 pilot, a new Liverpool Active Workplaces programme has been launched for 2021. This time the scheme is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the negative impact it has had on the ment mental health and physical activity levels of workers.

A package of free support is available now for employers.

Merseyside Sports Partnership (MSP) recently surveyed businesses in Liverpool. 91% reported that staff health and wellbeing has reduced as a result of Covid-19, and 85% said that staff don’t feel as connected to each other.

As we move through the different phases of the lockdown easing, there is a real opportunity for businesses and employees to start to adopt new behaviours that could result in better productivity, healthier staff and a greener environment.

Liverpool Active Workplaces is here to support your organisation, and by signing up you’ll receive a free package of support that includes:

  • Resources, staff activity challenges and group activities for employees, to help encourage them to be more active, including whilst working from home
  • Workshops for managers about how to improve staff health and wellbeing, and peer support training for colleagues
  • Workplace Toolkit – a practical guide to implementing workplace activity initiatives during/after Covid-19 and signposting to sources of support
  • Access to the Liverpool Active Workplace Conference, learning events and further staff consultation support

Becoming an active workplace is quick and simple – join in with the growing network of organisations across Liverpool who have signed up to the initiative, supporting Liverpool to become the most active core city in England.

Find out more and sign up now via the MSP website.

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