Free family law advice and support

Are you a parent or grandparent going to court without a lawyer?
Are you worried about your rights as a parent or grandparent?
Are you unable to reach an agreement about arrangements for your children?
Do you need help with court forms?

Liverpool Law Clinic Family Law Service can help you.

The service provides free, confidential legal advice and support for cases concerning children. It is run by specialist family law solicitors and volunteer law students.

Two services are available – advice appointments and support appointments. Details below.

Advice appointments

Free, confidential advice appointments with a solicitor are available every Friday.

During your appointment the solicitor will:

  • give you advice on the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • explain the court process
  • help you plan what to say to a judge
  • help you fill in forms or write a statement

Support appointments

Free, confidential support appointments with a solicitor are available every Thursday.

In a support appointment, two students will go through your situation with you and help you to complete the
documents needed.

The students will not be able to give you legal advice but if you need help filling in forms or writing a statement, Liverpool Law Clinic may be able to offer an appointment to assist you with this.

To book an appointment email clinic@liverpool.ac.uk or call 07774 779132 or 07385 395681.

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