Funding Available for Growing Projects in Liverpool City Region

The Liverpool Food Growers Network wants to hear your volunteer stories!

Growing projects and community gardens in Liverpool City Region are invited to apply for small grants of £500 from the Liverpool Food Growers Network.

The funding is for hosting an open event at your community garden, growing space or an associated venue to highlight stories and achievements of your volunteers. It can be used to cover the preparations and hosting of the event.

They would like your event to show them:

  • Why your volunteers get involved
  • What the volunteers have achieved in the growing space
  • What kind of activities the volunteers do
  • How you organise volunteer activities at the growing space

The events must:

  1. Be open to the public
  2. Feature your volunteer stories (this could be in the form of spoken presentations, displays, a tour of the growing space, etc.)
  3. Take place between October – December 2022

To apply, please fill in the online form by 23 September 2022.

If you need the form in another format, please get in touch with the Liverpool Food Growers Network at liverpoolfoodgrowers@gmail.com.

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