GoodGym – GoodGym Liverpool Area Activator

Term: ongoing
Hours: 8-10
Salary: £6,000
Location: Liverpool

Could you lead GoodGym in Liverpool and make it a healthier and better connected place?

GoodGym is a growing community of runners, walkers and cyclists who get fit by doing good. We shift earth instead of weights and use our exercise to visit older people instead of running still on treadmills.

We employ people who really care about their community to lead GoodGym in their local area. If you’re passionate about health and care about the world around you, we want to work with you in Liverpool. You’ll be developing a fitness community through helping charitable organisations across the city.

We welcome applications from people who are in full time employment as this role can be done flexibly outside of normal office hours.


As the GoodGym Liverpool area activator, you’ll be responsible for the success of GoodGym in the city. You will increase participation by supporting a network of GoodGym members and local community projects. You will do this by:

  • Creating a supportive community of members
  • Encouraging engagement by promoting GoodGym activities
  • Recruiting members to assist with the above activities
  • Increasing participation on GoodGym group sessions
  • Increasing the number of GoodGym group sessions being listed

Person Specification

All applicants must have:

  • A passion for making communities better
  • Experience of making something happen from scratch; football club, PTA, club night, – anything that shows you get involved
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good computer and social media skills

You would also need access to the internet and a computer so you can use the GoodGym website and engage with your members.

We want GoodGym to reflect the diversity of the areas in which we operate. Liverpool is a diverse city with residents, businesses, charities and community groups from a wide range of backgrounds. We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who have a connection to the communities and groups which GoodGym serves.

Good to have:

  • Volunteer management experience
  • Knowledge of local community initiatives and charities
  • A personal fitness qualification or Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) through England Athletics

Working Hours

We estimate this all to take between 8 – 10 hours each week, to be worked flexibly across the week.


£6,000 a year on a monthly freelance contract.

How to apply

Deadline for applications is 9am on Friday 11th December

Interviews will take place on Tuesday 15 December via an online video call. Please ensure you have this date free.

To ensure that our recruitment process is fair, we are using a standardised application form for all applicants, this will replace the need to send us a CV and cover letter.

Click here to apply via Google Docs application form.

If you wish to discuss the role or have any questions please contact jobs@goodgym.org.

Detailed Job Description

We are looking for the best people to help us provide support to millions of people affected by loneliness in the UK. We want our team to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, offering equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of race, sex, gender identity, disability, age, nationality, religious or philosophical belief, age, sexual orientation, educational attainment, family status, trade union activity or any other factor. We see diversity as strength and want everyone to be able to be their whole themselves at work.

We have a code of conduct in place, and are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels safe and respected.

Person Specification

Skills and knowledge

  • Local knowledge of community groups and charities
  • Ability to use social media and Google Apps (mail / calendar)
  • Good computer and web skills
  • Good communication and negotiation skills

Personal attributes

  • Ability to develop positive relationships with people from all backgrounds
  • Ability to coach and mentor people
  • Self-motivation: the ability to use self initiative and makes opportunities happen
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Passion for fitness


Experience of leading running groups and improving fitness of participants is desirable


GoodGym is a community of runners, walkers and cyclists. Fitness is central to what we do and a key reason why people get involved. Whilst you don’t need to be a fitness coach or instructor for this job we would expect the successful applicants to have an interest in improving the fitness of GoodGym members. We are able to provide training for those who wish to lead groups.

Working Hours

8-10 hours per week with no set hours. We expect the post holder to respond to email queries within 48 hours.


As a GoodGym area activator, you’ll be responsible for the success of GoodGym in your area. This is done by working alongside the area TaskForce, a group of local GoodGym members.

Supporting TaskForce

  • Supporting them to use the website
    Answering their queries
    Supporting them in finding organisations to work with
    Supporting them in building long term relationships with organisations
    Regular communication with TaskForce
    Encourage TaskForce to rotate responsibilities
    Identifying and encouraging new TaskForce members
    Resolving issues / disputes between TaskForce members
    Ensuring TaskForce meet the GoodGym code of conduct and guidelines
    Building relationships with task organisations
  • Contacting new organisations with whom we might be able to do tasks
    Ensuring positive connections are maintained with the organisation long term
    Encouraging new task owners to use the task referral form
    Task relationships to be built through shared inbox with TaskForce.
    Monitoring safety
  • Supporting TaskForce in listing tasks that comply with GoodGym guidelines and safety rules
    Ensure all TaskForce have completed relevant training
    Reporting safety concerns
    Reporting learning
  • Short weekly report on where impact is being made and what you have learned

Support and monitoring

You will report to a named person in the GoodGym Central Team.

Support groups/learning groups on video chat on a monthly basis with a regional group of 4-5 people.

Success of the role will be gauged on overall levels of participation in the area overall.

Management, Support and Reporting

On joining GoodGym you will receive training on the role. Due to Covid-19 restrictions this may be over video-conferencing or in person.

You will be assigned a named contact at GoodGym who will then catch-up and review your area’s performance every 2 months. This catch-up lasts around one hour and can be held online if agreed in advance. During this time, you must have access to a computer to review your dashboard and feedback from the runners on the GoodGym website.

Your contact at GoodGym will be available for support and advice 5 days a week between 9.30am – 6pm.

You are obliged to attend a yearly review to update you on new GoodGym policy, technology and to what’s working well and what could be improved. You are also obliged to complete online training every year to ensure you have a full understanding of essential health and safety processes and responsibilities.

Click here to apply via Google Docs application form.

Contact details: Yusra@goodgym.org

Closing date: 9am – Friday 11 December

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