UPDATED: Guidance for charity campaigning in a general election period

A general election has been called to take place on 4 July 2024, and many charities will see this as an opportunity to highlight the issues faced by their beneficiaries.

Charities can take part in political activity that supports their purpose and is in their best interests. However, charities must follow the law when doing so.

Outlined below is key guidance to help guide charities over the coming weeks from The Charity Commission.

Charity Law and Elections

As a trustee you are responsible for making sure your charity always follows the rules on political activity and campaigning. Extra care must be taken now a General Election has been called.

Key issues and questions to consider

This useful guide outlines key issues and questions for charities to consider and is based on scenarios that charities have commonly faced during previous election periods.

Social media guidance 

Charities can legitimately use social media to campaign, but there can be risks to doing so. Read their social media guidance for more information.

Electoral Law

Alongside charity law, electoral law may apply to your charity.

Electoral law requires charities to register as non-party campaigners if they spend over a certain amount on regulated campaign activities in the 12 months leading up to the next election.

Check the Electoral Commission’s non-party campaigner code of practice for full details of the rules.

Read the joint Commission blog for an overview of recent changes to the code and how it applies to your charity.


Further guidance from The Charity Commission.

Guidance from NCVO.

Guidance from NAVCA.

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