Healthwatch Liverpool wants feedback about accessing healthcare from people who are survivors of sexual trauma

Healthwatch Liverpool wants survivors of sexual trauma to give feedback about accessing healthcare.

They want to find out what helps and what prevents survivors of sexual trauma to use healthcare services, including cancer screening.

They will use the feedback to work with the local NHS to improve how healthcare settings can support people who have experienced sexual trauma.

The survey is aimed at Liverpool residents and people who may not live in Liverpool but who have been referred to Liverpool-based services for health care and treatment.

Sexual trauma can have a big impact on people’s lives, so they have included information about where to get support at the start of the survey.

The survey should take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, please click here.

For a short explanation of the survey, please click here to watch a video.


Please email engagement@heathwatchliverpool.co.uk or call them on 0300 77 77 007 if:

  • Anyone you know prefers to complete the survey by phone or in person. Healthwatch Liverpool can arrange an appointment
  • Anyone you know wants to complete the survey but do not speak, read or write enough English. (Healthwatch Liverpool have a small pot of money available that is to be used as a contribution towards the time of multilingual staff who can support people to fill in the survey in other languages including BSL).

Healthwatch Liverpool would appreciate it if you could pass the survey on to other people who may be interested.

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