(He)Arts and Minds is helping young people design their dream life

(He)Arts and Minds is a new project by Yellow House, designed to help young people cope through the challenges imposed by the lockdown.

Think of (He)Arts and Minds like a gym for your mind. Participants sign up to receive daily emails, containing videos and exercises.

Sessions take just 15 minutes a day. Monday to Thursday’s sessions can be done independently and Friday’s sessions offer opportunity for connection with others, entailing a 1-hour zoom call with fellow participants and the mentor of the project.

Each week brings a new theme and four weeks form a unit. The regular short sessions are designed to have a big impact and to change young people’s lives for the better.

This project is designed to help participants:

  • Develop the most desirable skills of the future
  • Find a purpose and live a more fulfilled life
  • Design a dream life and experience being there
  • Overcome challenges
  • Look at their strengths

Find out more or contact Yellow House via the (He)Arts and Minds website.

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