Help us to get Liverpool tested and reopen our city

As you may already have heard, mass COVID-19 testing has started in the city. Everyone living or working in Liverpool will now be offered COVID-19 testing, whether they have symptoms or not.

This is the first pilot of whole-city testing in England, meaning that, once again, Liverpool is at the forefront of medical innovation. It has been made possible by the dramatic increase in testing capacity and new technologies.

If you are interested, you can read more technical information here (opens bmj.com in a new window).

Testing will be carried out at multiple sites across the city, to make it as accessible as possible. There will be a variety of ways to book a test, including online, by dropping into a test centre and by invitation from the local authority. Testing will be carried out in hospitals, care homes, schools, universities, workplaces, at new and existing test sites and using home testing kits.

Voluntary, community and faith sector support

LCVS is asking for the voluntary sector’s support in delivering this news far and wide, and in encouraging Liverpool’s communities to get regularly tested over the coming weeks.

The greater the number of people that participate, the quicker we will be able to supress the virus and enable communities to get back to doing more of the normal things they like to do.

As someone working at the heart of the community, you are well placed to encourage residents who may be unsure about getting tested, to go ahead for the good of the wider community.

Please help to get the message out through:

  • inclusion in your communications plans and marketing campaigns
  • reaching out to all of your service users and local contacts
  • creating social media campaigns that help spread the word

The more imaginative and creative the approach the better!

The key messages to communicate are:

  • Please help to re-open our city
  • Let’s start the fightback against COVID-19
  • Let’s get tested
  • Let’s do it for Liverpool

Please use the following social media tags:


And link to the NHS COVID-19 web portal.

Thank you.

Statement dated 9 November 2020.

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