HOP – Charles Rennie Mackintosh Relaxed Mornings Viewings

National Museums Liverpool is offering a number of relaxed morning sessions at the upcoming Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

A relaxed morning ticket is intended for visitors who may benefit from a less busy, quieter and more relaxed environment, such as those with autistic spectrum conditions, additional needs, learning disabilities and many others.

Visitors are welcome to visit at anytime but if they would prefer a relaxed morning ticket they will be available for Sunday 12 May, Sunday 2 June and Sunday 7 July.

On those days, from 10am to 12 noon, there will be fewer visitors in the exhibition space and more staff available to assist if required. All visitors will be asked to be aware of people’s needs during the relaxed mornings.

Anyone wishing to book a relaxed ticket will be able to do so online, at the Walker Art Gallery or via the box office.



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