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Early Help and Partner Agencies – Working together to make a difference

What is Early Help

Early Help refers both to help in the critical early years of a child’s life, when the fundamental building blocks of future development are laid but also help throughout a child, young person’s and families life to respond, as soon as possible, when difficulties emerge in order to prevent problems from becoming entrenched or escalating.

Come and join us at one of our open days

  • Meet your Colleagues in the Early Help Teams
  • Strengthen working relationships
  • Share Skills Knowledge and expertise
  • Find out where your Agency Fits

The delivery of an effective Early Help offer is not the responsibility of a single agency. It requires a Whole Family approach owned by all stakeholders working with children, young people and families. These include Health, Police, Probation, Schools/Education, Adult Services, Housing, Voluntary and Community Organisations; as well as a strong focus on beneficiary participation.

Thursday 18 October 2018 – 12-4pm
Clubmoor Children’s Centre
Utting Avenue East
L11 1DQ

Friday 19 October -2018 – 9-1pm
Belle Vale Children’s Centre
Hedgefield Road
L25 2RW

Our recent Ofsted inspection told us:

Children and families who need additional support benefit from access to a comprehensive range of early help services and well-coordinated packages of intervention. Early help teams are based in children’s centres and this provides easy access for parents and supports good partnership working. Creative direct work undertaken with children and their families is helping to reduce the likelihood of statutory intervention. (May 2018)

Bookings via the Early Help Directory: Workforce Development Events Booking System.

EHD WD Registration Guide – April 2018

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