Imagine Independence Vacany – Peer Support Group Worker

Location: Merseyside & Lancashire
Salary: £9,619.00
Hours: 18.75 hours per week
Job Reference: 19/37
Closing Date: On-going
Job Type: Work Role

Imagine Independence is a charity with a positive approach to mental health which works to promote opportunities for people to live a full and independent life. We are proud to have the support of up to 150 volunteers and over 200 staff members to help those who need us.

Based in Knowsley

To provide support to a range of groups within the Knowsley Social Inclusion Service.

To support the development of self-managed peer-led groups.

To help identify people who are ready to move to other strands of the service and support their referral to other strands.

To empower service user groups to develop and lead peer sessions in the community.

To work in a way that encourages and enables service users to develop their skills and knowledge.

Support service delivery when necessary and encourage service users to have active control in both planning and direction.

To record group activity and keep service database up to date as required for non-mainstream Service Users.

Assist in Identifying individuals who may wish to access social inclusive activities and refer them to other areas of the service such as the Bridge Building Service.

To support volunteers in their day to day duties.

To provide a range of options to assist group’s independence e.g. managing a budget, electing committees, choosing training and organising fund raising events.

Completed application forms are to be returned by email to ldanson@imagineindependence.org.uk.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Imagine Independence website: click here to be diverted to the relevant page of the Imagine Independence website.

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