Intersectional Feminist Bootcamp to launch October 2020

An exciting online bootcamp is launching this October, to kick start a new era of people-powered feminism. Intersectional Feminist Bootcamp aims to bring people together to learn about feminism and nurture feminist activists. Adult and under 18 sessions are available.

Intersectional Feminist Bootcamp is a product of Love and Power, a new non-profit organisation (with a great name!) that exists to support women and girls to take action on the issues that matter to them. They are building a grassroots movement with a mass membership that trains, supports, connects, and organises those who want to make change in their communities.

The adult bootcamp is running 14 – 16 October 2020

The under 18’s bootcamp is running 26 – 29 October (this specialist programme is for those who, in 2019/20 were in the school years 11 and 12, or equivalent).

There is a fee for the camp but, thanks to the project’s funders, Love and Power is able to offer scholarships, so that the course is free to those who would otherwise have difficulty paying.

For further information, visit the Love and Power website.

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