Introducing Better Off Finance

Better Off Finance is a personal programme of advice and support that helps you take control of your money and improve your job prospects.

The programme provides support to people who are facing challenges moving towards or accessing employment opportunities, and those who due to a lack of financial capabilities face resulting barriers that can make it more difficult when trying to find and keep a job.

Better Off Finance will support individuals to:

  • Improve their financial capability i.e. the ability to manage their money better, and financial resilience i.e. the ability to cope with changes in circumstances
  • Prepare and progress into sustainable employment
  • Progress into training and education opportunities which will enable them to be more work ready and to become more digitally skilled and included

For more information, contact Philip Heaton at North Liverpool CAB on 0151 285 1080, ext 207, or email phil.h@northliverpoolcab.org.uk.

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