Irish Community Care – COVID19 Community Health Programme Coordinator

Term: Fixed term 1 year
Hours: 35 hours
Salary: 26,000 per annum
Location: 151 Dale St
Responsible to: Business Development Lead
Responsible for: Leading a targeted COVID-19 community health programme; working in partnership with local communities, public health colleagues and wider health and community sectors across Merseyside.

This position is a unique opportunity to develop and deliver a targeted COVID-19 community health programme; working in partnership with local communities, public health colleagues and the wider health and community sectors across Merseyside. The community health programme will identify, engage and support people from BAME communities who are shown to be disproportionately at risk from the effects of COVID-19; enabling them to follow safer behaviours, reduce the impact of the virus on themselves and those around them, including increasing access to COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and support services.

The role actively promotes a community asset based approach, developing community strengths and skills as tools to create lasting and effective change. Utilising community assets to plan and deliver health, wellbeing and other activities as identified. The role will identify, nurture and mobilise community strengths, generate meaningful connections and social capital in order to achieve co-production, self-efficacy, empowerment and improved wellbeing and resilience


– Lead the COVID-19 Community Health Programme at Irish Community Care; with responsibility for community engagement, health promotion and programme monitoring and evaluation
– Identify, engage and support Irish, Irish Traveller and Gypsy Traveller communities in particular and wider BAME and minority communities; improving knowledge about and impact of COVID- 19 and build confidence as we emerge from lockdown restrictions
– Promote key public health messages around COVID-19 and ensure that communities understand and are supported to follow these and reduce the impact of the virus on themselves and others
– Improve the take up of the vaccination programme; through clear information; dispelling myths and allying fears
– Engage people experiencing serious mental illness and those for whom mental health impacts on their daily lives; to improve take up of COVID-19 vaccination and annual health checks and refer to appropriate agencies if required
– Develop and strengthen relationships with GP practices and health services and networks to enhance experiences of BAME and minority communities
– Work with other agencies and organisations to support people and provide advice and information for those who are required to isolate
– Develop creative ways to engage target audiences; utilising technology and social media to create meaningful, clear and targeted information.
– Ensuring all COVID-19 health updates and information are accessible, taking into consideration community members with varied levels of communication and literacy skills.
– Identify and address particular trends, barriers and concerns as part of the ongoing development of the programme; raising on appropriate agendas to effect change
– Ensure a flexible and responsive approach to the needs of the wider COVID-19 Community Champion Network
– Provide direct line management and support for staff across the programme and undertake appraisals and supervision
– Establish and embed systems to monitor and evaluate project outcomes in line with targets and budget
– Report to funders as required
– Build sustainability through relationships with commissioners, funders and mainstream providers.
– Promote the importance of commercial and financial awareness; working at all times in an efficient and cost effective way considering budgets and financial constraints at all times
– Take responsibility to research and promote new funding opportunities for the organisation; sharing and developing new ideas that contribute to the sustainability and development of ICC
– Develop innovative ways to raise funds for the organisation and undertake at least one fundraising initiative/challenge each year for ICC

General responsibilities:

– Promote and take forward the strategic vision of ICC
– Embrace IT and wider technology to improve efficiency
– Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders
– Work flexibly as required to deliver services, activities and new initiatives in line with business need
– Ensure services delivered in in compliance with Quality Standards
– Be an ambassador for ICC, professionally and positively representing the organisation at all times
– Ensure ICC maintains a high profile in all aspects of engagement and promotion
– Manage and maintain ICC’s social media and web-based platforms in relation to this area of work and in a wider context for ICC, underpinned by an effective communications strategy. Support colleagues, students and volunteers
– Identify and address particular trends and concerns as part of the ongoing development of the programme and the work of the organisation
– Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders
– Maintain accurate and up to date records of all areas of work updating all records within 24 hours
– Monitor progress of work against agreed targets
– Present clear reports and summaries as requested to include board papers as requested by the Director
– Attend and participate in team meetings as per organisation standards
– Participate and engage in supervision and appraisal and avail of appropriate networking and training opportunities for personal and professional development
– Be accountable and work within the agency’s policies and procedures e.g. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Human Rights, Confidentiality, Safeguarding, Data Protection, Health and Safety (Full details supplied in Staff Handbook).
– It is the nature of the work at ICC that tasks and responsibilities are in many circumstances unpredictable and varied. All staff are therefore expected to work in a flexible way, when the occasion arises, when tasks not specifically covered in their job have to be undertaken

Please email icc.jobapplications@gmail.com for an application pack.

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