Kirkdale Community Calls for Common Sense and Vision from Liverpool City Council Planners

The community in Kirkdale is calling for common sense and vision from Liverpool City Council planners.

The issue is a tiny bit of land at the front of the Rotunda by Stanley Road, owned by Manchester developers with plans to build a “monster” block of 33 flats. The community argue that with community investment and regeneration, the space can be created into a community garden and healthy space for local people.

The community has issued a list of impacts on the community:

  1. The community will feel dumped on, disrespected and not represented again
  2. 2 of 3 ward councillors are supporting the development against community wishes because “profit isn’t a dirty word”. These two councillors can push this through. You can email joe.hanson@liverpool.gov.uk and lisa.gough@liverpool.gov.uk to voice your opinion
  3. Rotunda is a community-led membership organisation that represents and respects the community
  4. Rotunda has invested £2.5 million of hard-won regeneration improvements without asking for a penny from the Council – taking a DIY approach – and local ward councillors won’t event support that
  5. Rotunda has won awards from the Civic Trust, Georgian Society, Environment and Community Regeneration for the regeneration achievements for people as well as place
  6. More piecemeal development whilst waiting for the new Local Plan. No consideration given to a balanced planning approach – providing facilities and opportunities for people to take themselves out of poverty and improve their opportunities and well-being in an area that is in the top 3% for multiple deprivation nationally and has been given more money by Europe than Government. People in Europe can see the need that Councillors on the ground aren’t addressing!
  7. Development will hide the grade II listed terrace from the road almost completely – and importantly all the services there from Rotunda and many tenant organisations. There is a real possibility here that local families could no longer have access to childcare, education, support and the representation that they have had for 30 years at Rotunda and clearly still need
  8. Disrespects the commitment and funders such as the Heritage Lottery Fund who have a vested interest and will be concerned that negative impact on the financial sustainability of the Rotunda will result in loss of ability to maintain the heritage asset
  9. The development will hide the Kirkdale Folly – a community commissioned major, and rare, piece of artwork in North Liverpool.  It will also be in literal touching distance of it if approved. This is the last remaining community legacy from Capital of Culture 2008 and sends out a bad message to potential cultural investors in North Liverpool
  10. 33 apartments with only 11 parking spaces will impact on vulnerable users and businesses within the terrace
  11. Danger to children and vulnerable young people from excess of cars and safeguarding issues resulting from CCTV over the terrace
  12. Loss of green space that has been used for over 25 years as community event and meeting place. Village Green application in.
  13. Development will wreck the communities plans to create a green outdoor well-being pavilion around the Folly that will provide year round space for reading, exercise, outdoor cinema, art activities and positive engagement for young and old.

There will be a Committee Meeting on Tuesday 25 July 2017, 9.30am, at Liverpool Town Hall. People are urged to come as future generations urgently need you. Transport provided from Rotunda at 9am prompt.

Call 0151 207 2176 for more information.

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