LCR is Helping Households Into Work

Households into Work is an innovative programme from Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. It is aimed at people living in households across the Liverpool City Region who, because of their circumstances, have difficulty finding and sustaining employment.

As advocates, the Households Into Work team provide people who start on the programme with 1:1 support, helping them tackle and resolve the issues which are preventing them from seeking employment.

The issues faced by people on the programme are often varied, including debt, housing, skills, poor mental and physical health, domestic violence, isolation and disaffection. Until such issues are tackled, finding and sustaining employment is a very unlikely and unrealistic expectation.

People can remain on the programme for up to 12 months, during which time their advocate will offer them personalised support, motivation and encouragement and will connect them with the right services to resolve their issues.

Once they have the right foundations in place, they will be supported to access education, training or employment, depending on their goal.

Unlike similar programmes, which work with people on an individual basis, Households Into Work takes a whole household approach, so that issues can be addressed collectively as well as individually.

They recognise that other members of the household can contribute to the problems, as well as to the resolution of any issues experienced by the individual. So involving other members of the household is more likely to achieve a longer lasting solution to a person’s problems, compared with working with them in isolation.

Members of the same household do not have to be family, nor do they need to live at the same address.

Households Into Work clients are asked the following eligibility questions prior to registration:

  • Do you live in Liverpool City Region?
  • Are you aged 16 or over?
  • Is there at least one other person you can register with?

For more information on the programme or to make a referral, visit the Households Into Work website. Alternatively, you can email hiw@liverpool.gov.uk or call the team on 07802 378 808.

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