Live ImpACT Program | A 10-week virtual global collaboration program

QS ImpACT is a charity recognising young people for their positive impact on society. You have the power to influence lives by supporting young people to create social impact through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are now looking for participants for their Live ImpACT Program.

The 10-week virtual global collaboration program brings together young people with one of their councils to learn, create and implement an innovative solution through a hands-on project in DRC, Niger, Pakistan or Uganda.

The Live ImpACT Program immerses young people in tackling issues in local communities such as lack of basic education, poverty, pollution, or health issues. Through collaboration and teamwork, young people will gain project management, problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well as sustainability literacy resulting in creating a measurable solution.

They will be globally recognised by creating a QS ImpACT Report and will receive a certificate for their CV.

They are seeking socially-driven organisations to nominate youth groups of 10 participants aged between 16-30 years to participate in the program this summer.

Express your interest in participating as an organisation by contacting Aashna@qsimpact.org.

To learn more, please see the informational posters below:

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