Live series of conversations with not-for-profit-sector podcasters launches

Grab The MIC: Live is brand-new series of live-streamed conversations with MIC Media founder and podcast expert Vic Elizabeth Turnbull and podcasters from across the not-for-profit sector. It will spotlight the good egg podcasters who are doing brilliant things in our corner of the world. And to show you the huge and exciting possibilities when it comes to podcasts in the Third Sector.

The series, which is being streamed live on LinkedIn from 13 September 2022, will inspire you to Grab the MIC and start your own podcast or perhaps give you some helpful hints and tips to boost or reinvigorate the one that you already have!

MIC media, who are a podcast production social enterprise that specialises in working with social impact organisations, and believes that charities, CICs, Social Enterprises or any other not-for-profit can create engaging great-quality podcasts. They don’t have to be expensive to make or boring and run-of-the-mill!

For example, they speak to those that are using podcasts to give a voice to their beneficiaries, organisations who are showing off their incredible outcomes, or those that have answered an immediate need in their communities. Already confirmed are national educational charity Children’s University, legacy fundraising consultant Sanita Guddu, theatre organisation Made by Mortals CIC and female empowerment CIC, Inspire Oldham.

The First Grab The MIC: LiveOn 13 September 2022, they will chat with Helen O’Donnell and Liam Nolan from the forward-thinking educational charity, Children’s University. The CEO and Head of Communications will sit down with them to talk about how they Grabbed the MIC and created their podcast Children’s University: Live!

The podcast, which originally started life as a way to replay key talks from their annual conference, has developed into the mouthpiece for current issues around social mobility and education. This is set to be a fascinating insight into how an education charity has Grabbed the MIC to bolster its voice of authority in social mobility and educational issues.

Grab The MIC: Live is streamed live on MIC media’s LinkedIn page.

Secure your place at the live

  1. Head to the MIC media page here on LinkedIn

  2. Click ‘Events’ on the top menu, or scroll down to see our upcoming events

  3. Find the event(s) you want to come to, click on it and hit RSVP

  4. Pop the date/time in your diary to remind yourself it’s happening!

  5. Come to the event page on the day/ time of the event to watch the stream or follow the link they send you 4-5 days before the event.

Upcoming chats are all at 12:15 – 13:00 (UK Time) unless otherwise stated. 

  • Tues 13 Sept – “A mouthpiece for your cause and making your events go further” with Helen O’Donnell and Liam Nolan from Children’s University: Live! Podcast RSVP: Here

  • Tues 20 Sept –  “Positioning yourself as a trusted voice of authority in your specialism” with Sanita Guddu from Legacy Fundraising Chat podcast. RSVP: Here

  • Tues 18 Oct – “When answering a need turns into global recognition” with Andy Smith, from Made by Mortals / Armchair Adventures podcast. RSVP: coming soon

  • Tues 8 Nov – “Giving your beneficiaries a voice” with Sally Bonnie from Inspire Women Oldham, That Inspire Feeling podcast. RSVP: coming soon

Can’t make it live?

Grab The MIC: Live’s will be recorded and uploaded onto MIC’s YouTube channel in the weeks after the conversation. You can only ask a question if you come to the live streams.

Fancy a chat about your podcast?

MIC media will be doing Grab The MIC: Live at least once a month. If you’re a podcaster in the not-for-profit world and are doing something innovative or interesting, get in touch and tell them more about it and they could feature you and your podcast in a future Grab The MIC: Live. Simply email MIC at: hey@MICmedia.co.uk.

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