Liverpool Cares begins Winter Wellbeing programme

Liverpool Cares, the charity that connects younger people in the community to their older neighbours, has launched it’s second Winter Wellbeing project. Beginning today, 1 October, to coincide with International Older People’s Day they aim to help older people to stay warm, active and better connected over the winter season.

The project will see Liverpool Cares out and about in communities, chatting to neighbours in the streets, at GP surgeries, supermarkets, and on doorsteps. The team can provide free blankets, scarves, gloves and other warm items, and can also help older neighbours who are struggling to pay for heating or don’t have a winter coat. They are also helping to connect individuals to organisations that can help with insulation and reducing bills.

If you would like to talk about the project get in touch with Liverpool Cares on 0151 659 1789.

Liverpool Cares also hosts loads of social clubs every month, for older people and their younger neighbours. This year they include bread making, historical walks, an Oktoberfest party and more. Contact the team for details, on the above phone number or at https://liverpoolcares.org.uk/home.

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