Liverpool City Council Contract Opportunity: Transition, Preparation and Moving On Service for Young People

Liverpool City Council has identified a need for two children’s homes located in Liverpool that will focus on addressing current presenting need of a complex group of young people aged 11-16. Analysis of this group has identified that good outcomes planning with young people will assist in them being effectively supported to be able to move on and return to their families, step down into foster care,  or move into independent living.

This transition, preparation and moving on approach is intended to address the increasing demand that cannot be met by existing services and will focus upon planning from the beginning of the placement, an exit strategy for each child so that there is a clear plan for the future, and young people are not left in residential placements unnecessarily. The Authority is seeking a provider to deliver this service on their behalf which incorporates the use of two properties in Liverpool.

The Contract will be for an initial period of three years with the option for the Authority to extend, at its absolute discretion, for a further period of up to seven years (either in a single extension or via multiple extension periods).

Your company will need to register on Procontract (Due North) to be able to access the full Service Specification, Application and supporting documents. Once you have registered you will need to go to the “my opportunities” section on the home page of Procontract and follow the instructions as a supplier to enable you to return your submission.

Register your organisation on Procontract here. Go to suppliers’ area and click on “register free”.

Closing date: Friday 6 April 2018, 12noon

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