Liverpool City Region invites young people to awaken their inner entrepreneur

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) has launched Youthquake, a free 18-week  traineeship that will give young people first-hand experience of planning and running a business.

Delivered by the Learning Foundry, Youthquake will start in January 2021. It is open to young people from LCR who are aged 16-18 and not currently in education, training or employment. The intention of the programme is to help young people awaken their inner entrepreneur, shape their career path and make a difference to the area where they live in the process.

Participants will work in groups and individually to come up with a unique business proposal.  They will learn about and consider products, branding, websites, ethics, audiences and lots more! They’ll hear inspirational talks from local business leaders, go on site visits and gain real work experience by participating in an 8-week placement.

After completing programme, participants will be supported to find employment through an apprenticeship.

There are 20 places available and the registration process ends on 4 December 2020.

For more information and to complete an expression of interest form, visit the LCRCA Youthquake site.

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