Liverpool Community Impact Awards

The Be Free Campaign has seen the impact that change-makers and innovators can have on the community. There is a need to recognise people who are making an impact – regardless of their background or area of interest. There is no better place to start than at the heart of Liverpool.

Whilst the charity started in Birmingham, the Be Free Campaign saw its real growth in the rich culture of Liverpool. The inaugural awards will take place in Liverpool and are designed to ensure that people are recognised for their impact on their community.

The Community Impact Awards recognise inspiring people, organisations and groups. They want to recognise all fields and causes as well as a special award for mental health. Nominations are open now to the general public and will be interviewed and examined by a member of their awards team.

Following this, a judging panel will assess all nominations against certain criteria for each field. The awards ceremony will take place in the heart of Liverpool and organisations or individuals must have a postcode within the Merseyside region.

Get in touch at awards@befreecampaign.org if you have any questions or ideas for the awards! These awards are for the community, by the community, so if there’s any way you’d like to get involved, they’d love to have you. Click here to make nominations and sign up for their mailing list.

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