Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service, service altered by Covid-19

A statement from Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service regarding Covid-19:

Following the Government advice regarding Coronavirus, Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service (LDAS) will now be delivering an out-of-office only support service. What this means is we are no longer able to conduct any face-to-face contact in the manner we have always done. LDAS will be utilising all electronic means at our disposal to ensure the continuation of support to our clients and will do this to the best of our ability.

Staff will be delivering the service from home offices, and will have access to phones, IT, internet and all information they may need to complete their role, and as such are contactable within normal delivery times.

We appreciate this is a challenging time for all services and are certain you appreciate the heightened risks survivors will currently be facing, especially those confined to their homes with their abuser.

LDAS receive high volumes of referrals directly from survivors and those who have not had the benefit of specialist expert support in any capacity. During this period of change we will be prioritising these referrals. This does not mean we will cease to accept referrals, it means those most in need will receive an expedited response and may mean there is a short delay in responding to referrals where there is already an active specialist already delivering a support element.

If you have any questions, the team are happy to respond to these via the normal contact methods.

We will continue to deliver our information, advice and support services as far as it is practical by telephone: 0151 263 7474 email: enquiries@ldaservice.or.uk and social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Our staff are available to provide support: Monday and Thursday 9am -4.30pm and Friday 9am-3pm.

We hope all our colleagues citywide stay safe healthy and well until we return to normal working conditions, see you soon

Take Care, Paula and all at LDAS

Follow this link to visit the Liverpool Domestic Abuse Service website.

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