Liverpool Irish Festival – Trustees

Liverpool Irish Festival is looking for new trustees.

Since 2003, the Liverpool Irish Festival (LIF) has brought Liverpool and Ireland closer together using arts and culture. As a charitable company, LIF relies on enthusiastic and committed trustees to set our strategy and future direction. They have the opportunity to offer significant influence within a key Liverpool institution

We are looking for up to 4 skilled, experienced and enthusiastic individuals to join our board, to guide and support the organisation through its next exciting phase of development. You will help us become more sustainable through the growth of commercial income, audience development and funding opportunities. We are particularly keen to hear from applicants with skills or experience in business development, fundraising, and finance. Ideally, new trustees will have experience of the cultural sector and a familiarity with Liverpool Irish arts and culture. Applications will be particularly welcomed from underrepresented groups, such as (but not limited to) young people, BAME, LGBTQI+ and women.

Our trustees have strategic vision, independent judgement and a willingness to give time and commitment to the Liverpool Irish Festival. Trustees normally commit to 10 Board meetings a year. The meetings generally take place in the early evening.

Our current Trustee with financial responsibility is retiring and so we are also looking for someone who will put their finance skills to good use on our behalf. This Trustee will monitor, review and report to the Board on the financial aspects of the Festival.

For an informal discussion please contact: John Chandler – chair@liverpoolirishfestival.com Tel: 07762 943697. Expressions of interest should be made by submitting your CV and a one-page letter setting out the skills, experience and networks you could bring to the role, and why you would like to serve on the Festival Board, to chair@liverpoolirishfestival.com. Closing date 30th June 2020.

Trustee person specification

Board members are expected to:

• Support the work of the Festival by contributing knowledgeably to strategy development and planning
• Ensure the charity understands and fulfils its legal and governance responsibilities.
• Advocate for, and raise the profile of, LIF and to extend our networks for fundraising
• Fulfil any other functions of board membership, including representing LIF at key events.

Each trustee should have: (* denotes ‘desirable’):

Skills and abilities

• Communication skills
• Financial skills*
• IT skills*
• Ability to think creatively
• Expertise in business*
• Ability to work effectively as a member of a team and to take decisions for the good of the Festival
• Ability to apply the principles of: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership


• Knowledge of arts/creative sector
• Knowledge/awareness of the Liverpool Irish community
• Knowledge/awareness of historical/heritage/cultural issues
• HR expertise/knowledge*
• Understanding and acceptance of trustees’ legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities


• Previous Board experience, particularly in the charitable, arts or voluntary sector*

Personal style and behaviour

• Commitment to the organisation
• Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort
• Creativity/inspiration/Strategic vision
• Good, independent judgement
• Willingness to speak their mind

Role description for the trustee lead for finance

The Trustee will monitor, review and report on the financial aspects of the Festival and ensure its sustainability. The Trustee works with the Festival Director and LIF’s accountants (at year end) to ensure that the Festival’s financial affairs are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice. Generally the Trustee helps the Board carry out our financial responsibilities by:

• presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the charity’s financial position
• sharing a financial report at each Board meeting
• advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities
• liaising with professional advisors
• managing financial risks
• overseeing the preparation of annual accounts that give a true and fair view of the financial affairs of the company.
• when necessary, taking on some financial duties, such as book-keeping, budgeting and preparation of reports and funding bids.

For additional information, please visit the Liverpool Irish Festival website.

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