Marcus Rashford launches winter emergency food provision map

A new website is being launched by LFC footballer Marcus Rashford, as part of the next stage of his campaign to #EndChildFoodPoverty.

The site will provide those in a vulnerable situation with information about the help available to them locally, through their council, local charities, food banks and any other businesses or organisations helping to tackle hunger this winter. A main feature will be a map, allowing people to locate their nearest support.

The BBC will be releasing a documentary about Marcus Rashford’s campaign on BBC One, Monday 21 December 2020. It is estimated that around 8 million people will watch the film. Many of those watching may need help themselves, and will visit the website to see what support is available to them. That’s why it is important that local authorities, charities, foodbanks, and other businesses have submitted their details before then, in order to have their services included on the #EndChildFoodPoverty website and map.

Put yourself on the map

If you are a local council, charity, food bank or any other type of business that will be providing emergency food aid to children and families during winter 2020/21, complete this Google docs form, to ensure that your services are added to the #EndChildFoodPoverty map.

Please share this page with other organisations, anywhere in the country, that are tackling hunger this winter.

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