Merseyside Aged Veterans Partnership Launches

January saw the official launch event of Shelter’s Aged Veterans Partnership in Merseyside. Partner organisations, veterans, commissioners and others from across the city region came together to give their commitment to the partnership, led by Shelter and includes a host of local organisations, such as Veterans HQ, Sefton Veterans Project, Everton in the Community, St Helen’s Veterans Project, FACT, Tranmere Football Club and Liverpool City Council.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram commented that “The Aged Veterans’ Partnership is a fantastic initiative – which will act as a lifeline for many of those who have given so much for our country”.

In the next three years, the partnership is expected to help more than 760 men and women who were born before 1 January 1950 and served in the armed forces or as part of their own National Service.

These older Veterans often live alone, are widow(er)s, and their support networks are depleted, making them feel very isolated. Whether they are homeless, renting or have a home of their own, it is vital that older veterans get the advice and support they need to continue to live fulfilled lives.

Former serviceman Alan Kelly, 82, said: “I know from experience that ex-service staff can be very proud people, who often find it hard to ask for help. But a sudden change in life circumstances, such as a partner passing away, can really turn someone’s life upside down. I think this new partnership will make a real difference to the quality of life for older soldiers like me.”

Find out more about the service here.

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