Mission in the Economy (MitE) – Lead Chaplain / Regional Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Posts available: 1.
Contract: Permanent.
Term: Part time.
Salary: £15.15 per hour.
Hours per week: 18 hours.
Reporting to: Executive Director.
Location: St Helens and Warrington.

Employer Bio

Mission in the Economy (MitE) is an ecumenical provider of workplace chaplaincy across the Merseyside region. Their Chaplains go alongside people in businesses, shopping centres and more, providing a friendly listening ear to people of all faiths and none. As an independent presence in the workplace, MitE’s Chaplains are ideally placed to provide a confidential and safe space to enable those they meet to flourish in their work life, wellbeing and spirituality. MitE is looking to appoint a part-time Lead Chaplain / Regional Vounteer Co-Ordinator for the St Helens and Warrington areas to work alongside volunteer Chaplains from all denominations. The ideal person to join the team will be passionate about enabling people to be the best that they can be.

Job Description

  • Oversee MitE’s voluntary chaplaincy provision in St Helens & Warrington
  • Act as a line manager to the existing team of volunteers in St Helens & Warrington
  • Recruit new volunteers to work in St Helens & Warrington
  • Develop new and existing relationships with local churches, local charities, and other relevant associations
  • Work closely with other MitE chaplains in St Helens & Warrington to recruit, support and develop their volunteers
  • Represent MitE on selected Boards and at Meetings, to include representing MitE on the Board of Trustees of St Helens Street Pastors
  • Provide chaplaincy training to new volunteers as well as to other churches & chaplaincy projects around the region using MitE’s training resources
  • Work with the Executive Director to identify, initiate and establish new voluntary chaplaincy opportunities in St Helens & Warrington, as well as engaging in opportunities to promote the work of MitE around the region by utilising contacts in the local community by organising, participating in and running projects in consultation with MitE
  • Manage the MitE St Helens & Warrington Social Media presence (Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • You will also be responsible for offering personal, practical and spiritual (if required) support to any person regardless of their faith/or beliefs. They will respect the faith/belief of all contacts and the diverse backgrounds from which they come and respond to individual need accordingly
  • You will also not seek to proselytise or evangelise
  • You will be required to provide written reports, including an annual report, as required to MitE
  • Ensure records are correctly maintained and collect and report statistics and anecdotal evidence.

To read the full job description and to apply, please click here.

Deadline: 5 pm on Thursday 2 March 2023.

Interviews: 13 March and 16 March 2023.

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