MSc role emerging placements at University of Liverpool 2023 – Occupational Therapy

In 2023, the occupational therapy team at the University of Liverpool are very excited to embark on role emerging placements for their MSc occupational therapy students.

They would welcome an opportunity to speak with you and your service to perhaps explore this possibility.

They are seeking these placements on a yearly basis in order to prepare students for contemporary practice in dynamic environments.

Is there a small project you have always wished to pilot? Are there any groups, audits or services in your area which may benefit from this input?

This placement would take place next year in May 2023 for 6 weeks and they are proposing that their MSc students would ideally attend the placement in pairs. Students will be supervised by external occupational therapists.

At this stage they are developing relationships with interested people, groups and services in the area to discuss this model.

If you are interested to know more, they will be holding a meeting in mid-August 2022. If you want to attend, then please contact Edwina.Rushe@liverpool.ac.uk.

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