New Innovation Fund to Counter Hate and Extremism

Google.org and ISD have partnered to deliver a £1m innovation fund to counter hate and extremism in the UK. The fund will support innovative projects on and offline that seek to disrupt, undermine, counter or provide positive alternatives to hate and extremism.

Throughout 2018, the fund will disburse grants of between £2,000 and £200,000 to campaign groups, civil society organisations, technology developers, educators, young people working with their youth centres, academic institutions or consortia of these organisations or groups.

Applications are particularly encouraged from new partnerships and initiatives from organisations that may have never worked on projects in this space. ISD will provide training and skills support to awardees where necessary, as well as a robust evaluation framework to measure impact.

The funds will be disbursed through two rounds of grant giving. Round One is now open for applications and closes on 5 January 2018. Round Two will open mid-April/May 2018, with details the application submission dates to be shared early next year.

Applicants with projects that require larger funding or a longer delivery time frame are encouraged to apply in the Round One. Proposals should be designed for a maximum duration of 11 months. Round Two will be for projects of maximum 6-month duration. All grant funded projects from both rounds must conclude by the end of 2018.

Read more and apply.

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