New LCVS Fundraiser: Local businessman plans to row from Gran Canaria, Spain to Port St Charles, Barbados to fundraise for local charity – LCVS

UPDATE: Michael begun his voyage from Gran Canaria on 27 January. Click here to track his journey.

LCVS is pleased to introduce Michael Holt, the newest fundraiser for LCVS! Michael Holt is a local businessman and skilled rower. His fundraising method for LCVS is extraordinary as he plans to embark on a solo voyage from Gran Canaria, Spain to Port St Charles, Barbados on Saturday 27 January 2024. He will be rowing for over 16 hours a day and will survive on under 4 hours of sleep per day. This unsupported row of 3100 miles across the Atlantic Ocean could take from 50 – 110 days to complete.

Michael’s campaign is called Needles and Pins.

Who is Michael Holt and why is he fundraising for LCVS?

Michael has chosen to fundraise for LCVS as he has been a business customer for over 11 years. He feels that LCVS is a natural fit due to the various services we deliver across the region. With the current economic situation, certain individuals and communities need more help than others, Michael believes that by helping to fundraise for LCVS, he can help in some way.

So, why has Michael chosen this incredible challenge?

Michael was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1997, and in 2015, he was involved in a self-inflicted incident which resulted in double reconstructed shoulder surgery. This was because of a major low blood sugar hypoglycaemic attack (Hypo).

Afterwards, Michael saw rowers who’ve had surgery compete in rowing on TV, which led to him taking up rowing as this was something that he could do to compete alongside others, through this, his fitness and mindset both improved.

What is the training like for the voyage?

Michael will be 54 when he begins his voyage, and by then, he will have been training for over 2 years. His preparation involves several intense training rows, one of these training rows was from Porthmadog, Wales to Wicklow, Ireland; the journey including the return took up to 10 days to complete.

Michael is being trained and mentored by Dawn Smith of Aurora Sea School, Rannoch Adventure and Matrix Performance.

What assistance will Michael get in the journey?

All supplies and provisions will be stored on Michael’s boat as well as full GPS, and telecommunications. There will be an onboard water maker which will be the lifeblood of his crossing. He aims to consume over 6,000 calories per day and shed over 14 kilos throughout the crossing.

Michael will be working with a professional weather router who is experienced in the ocean rowing arena and daily communication will be fed back by a social media company. His direction of travel will be steered by an onboard auto helm. The management of Michael’s diabetes will be assisted by professionals who will have real-time access to his daily blood sugar levels.

Michael says he has no idea about what to expect on the completion of the row other than it will probably change his life dramatically. You can read about Michael’s story in more depth on his website.

To donate, please click here.

LCVS wishes Michael the best of luck with his journey. We will be shared more details as we get closer to when he begins his voyage. Like Michael, if you would like to fundraise for LCVS, please let us know at info@lcvs.org.uk.

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