New resource on SEND parenting in Liverpool

A new blog relating to SEND parenting in Liverpool has been produced by Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum (LivPac).

The blog posts provide an insight into people’s experiences of parenting children with special education needs and/or disabilities during the pandemic. In addition to these posts, written by local parents, the website also includes resources on a range of topics that parents, carers and professionals may find helpful.

Topics covered include the following, as well as plenty more besides:

  • SEND resources and support
  • Bereavement resources
  • Liverpool SEND support groups
  • Mental health support
  • Preparing for adult life
  • Supporting families during Covid-19
  • Supporting children through Covid-19
  • Transitioning back to school
  • The SEND Toolkit – an introduction to supporting children with additional needs in the classroom

Check out the new blog, available now on Culture Liverpool.

In addition to this, the Liverpool City Council Early Help Team has also developed an online resource to help people navigate pandemic parenting. To read that, head to Parenting Through Covid-19 on Culture Liverpool.

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