Nominate a Young Achiever

Are you proud of a young person aged 18-25 who has achieved something great this year?

Steve Biko Housing Association invites you to nominate a young person to receive recognition at the Annual Young Achievers event on Thursday 26 October 2017.

The award is available for young achievers aged 18-25 from the L1, L7, L8 and L15 areas. Vocational and educational achievements are welcome.

Steve Biko Housing Association’s Young Achievers event is a great way of promoting our young people in a positive way, and for showing younger children the great achievements happening within their communities.

To nominate a young achiever, contact Shelique Braithwaite on 0151 734 4933 or email admin@stevebikoha.org. Some help is available with travel costs to attend on the night.

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