Open call for innovations from Sport England

Many people are facing significant, disproportionate barriers to being active during the coronavirus outbreak. Sport England has launched an open call to find existing or adaptable innovative solutions that solve specific Covid-19 related challenges and support those most affected to be active at this time.

The challenges they are focusing on first are:

1. changes in circumstances due to Covid-19
2. mental health impacts
3. at risk of digital exclusion

The open call is about how innovation can help address inequalities. Sport England wants to hear from individuals and organisations that offer solutions specifically developed to support women, people on low incomes, older adults, people from BAME backgrounds, disabled people or people living with long-term health conditions. They welcome ideas that work at the intersection of these audiences.

They want to help these audiences quickly, therefore are looking for products or solutions that are already developed and ready to deliver positive impact within the next six months.

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. You might know someone in your locality who has a whole new product, a new way of delivering an existing product or an idea for a tiny change that could have a big impact. Please share this open call with anyone you know that may be interested in this opportunity. Sport England is particularly interested in supporting organisations that are new to them or that may never have heard of Sport England before.

They are offering a range of support, including access to their connections, advice, research and insight, as well as a small amount of funding.

Deadline – Wednesday 1 July 2020 at noon.

Visit the Sport England Website.


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