Personal Charitable Trusts

Are you committed to long-term, systematic and tax-free charitable giving?

If you want to support real change in your community and build relationships with particular charities without any administrative burden, you should consider setting up a Personal Charitable Trust with LCVS?

Setting up a Personal Charitable Trust is not legally complex. LCVS currently manages the capital and income of around 80 Personal Charitable Trusts so you can be assured that we are experienced in dealing with all associated investment, legal, taxation, charitable giving and accounting administration.

You decide the amount of capital you will donate to start the trust and capital or income can be added at any time. The Trust’s investments are actively managed under the supervision of LCVS Investment Committee, in accordance with your Trust’s reserves and investment policy. A Charity Account will be opened for your Trust to collect investment income, reclaim tax and make donations to charities. You can give instructions for regular donations and one-off donations to be made from your Trust.

For more information about Personal Charitable Trusts, please get in touch with our Donor Services team on 0151 227 5177 or email

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